Why is this free?
(free electronic edition)

Special thanks to W Publishing/Thomas Nelson. After selling out the entire first printing of the book Four Souls in only five weeks, the publishing house has made the unprecedented decision to release the text version of Four Souls via email and the web free of charge for a limited time. Seeing the remarkable initial response to the book, W Publishing believes that once readers get a taste, they’ll likely buy a print copy for themselves or others. On your computer, though, the entire text costs nothing. So simply scroll down to begin the story of an epic journey around the globe. We hope the journey will provide not only a window upon far-flung places, but also an authentic look at questions of faith, community, and what it means to really live.

-Matt, Mike, Jedd, and Trey
Authors of Four Souls

Please pass it on to anyone who might appreciate a free book!

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