Trey Sklar

Trey was born into a family possessing deep traditions of far-flung adventures. Throughout his growing up years he was told stories of Great-Grandfather “Doc,” who had studied at the Vienna Medical School in Austria, traveled by ship to West Africa, and used his medical skill to treat poor Indians in Canada. “Doc had a spirit of adventure, but his actions were guided by a desire to help others,” stated Trey.

When Trey left his home in Colorado to attend Westmont College, he departed determined to continue the tradition of serving in far off parts of the world. His major, International Studies, sent him to three continents during his four years of study.

Some great opportunities came together at Westmont to help me achieve my goal of learning all about foreign aid policy. During my Freshman year, I was able to travel with 23 other students to Hong Kong, the Kingdom of Lesotho, and South Africa. Later, I spent two summers in Moscow, Russia – interning for companies there. My fall semester, Junior year, was spent in Harare, at the University of Zimbabwe. During that semester I lived for nearly a month at a remote mission station in the Kingdom of Lesotho (Africa) studying the effectiveness of indigenous aid programs. The Fall semester of my Senior year was spent on Westmont’s Europe Semester program. It was during that trip that Matt, Mike, Jedd, and I decided to go on the trip around the world – both for the sake of adventure, but more than that – to learn from and work with Christians around the globe. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I had at Westmont and hope to continue putting what I learned into practice.

Trey poignantly remembers his four years as an undergrad with the many late night talks with roommate Jedd, thought-provoking chapels, and the idea feeding frenzy allowed by the cornucopia of discussions with professors, lectures, and the abundance of rich reading material. They were fantastic years.

Now living in Phoenix, Arizona, and attending graduate school at Thunderbird University, Trey and his wife have put intentional hospitality at the forefront of their lives. After receiving the hospitality of others around the globe, he realized what an incredible gift it is to be taken in and taken care of. "There's just nothing that conveys love and acceptance like an open home and hearth," says Trey. He hopes to continue living a ministry of hospitality - in Phoenix or wherever he ends up.

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