Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson, his brother, and two sisters grew up camping and surfing along the shores of sunny Southern California. “My family struggled to make ends meet while I was growing up, but I am grateful that we didn’t have luxuries like TV. I have so many memories from my childhood because I was always out doing something—usually surfing. The absence of TV also helped foster a love for great books which continues to serve me well,” stated Mike.

While at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Mike pursued a degree in Business and Economics. Although the classes were challenging, he always made time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and great waves that lay minutes from his dorm room. The beautiful campus and challenging classes surpassed his expectations, but what he cherishes most (besides his best friend from Westmont, Brittney, whom he married) are the deep friendships that were formed with likeminded guys.

After graduating, Mike entered the field that he had majored in. He bought a small business from his grandfather, which has doubled in size over the past five years. “I enjoy the variety of tasks that are required of me and the chance to have an impact on the lives of my employees. They, more than anybody else, know if you are seeking to imitate Christ in your actions.”

While currently launching some additional business ventures, Mike’s heart and focus is on finding a way to be a part of true Christian community.


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