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Jedd Medefind grew up with his three younger brothers on a small farm in California's Central Valley, thriving on sports, books, and the great outdoors.

At Westmont College, he greatly enjoyed his studies in Economics and Business, and Communication Studies, as well as his role as a high-energy bench warmer on the Westmont Warrior basketball team. Even more importantly, these four rich years also brought him the friendships that continue to shape and invigorate his life's course.

Ideas, literature, and a thirst to learn have always been central to Jedd's life, and he plans to someday work towards an advanced degree that would allow him to be a college professor.

Currently, though, he serves as chief of staff for Assemblyman Tim Leslie in the California State Legislature. Although Jedd finds political work
fascinating, he believes that his primary purpose in the Capitol is to love and serve the people around him in the name of Jesus.

Along with Assemblyman Leslie and a couple of other dedicated friends, Jedd established the California Community Renewal Project ( in 2000. The CCRP provides training and resources to individuals committed to the renewal of struggling urban neighborhoods.

Says Jedd, "As much as I enjoy learning and study, the cutting edge for me right now isn't building or refining my knowledge, but translating the things I believe into life on a daily basis. That's especially true, and difficult, in regards to Jesus' instruction that greatness is found only in servanthood--seeking the good of others above my own."

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