Matt Kronberg

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Matt Kronberg was raised in a small town in Minnesota with his sister and two brothers. When his family moved to California while he was in high school, he traded in his snowboard for a surfboard and began a search to find life’s ultimate meaning.

At Westmont College, he earned a double major in Philosophy and Communication Studies and found himself in an environment where he could thrive both intellectually and spiritually. Late night discussions about the meaning and mysteries of life, friends who shared his passion for living out their faith and serving the poor, professors who served as both intellectual and spiritual role models. All of these things were central to developing his character and helping him become the person he is now.

A love for nature, exploration, and a desire to live a life of simplicity were fostered during the 3 summers Matt led backpacking trips and hikes in Yosemite for a Christian adventure camp.

Before heading off to study ministry and theology at seminary in Chicago, Matt met and married his wife, Summer, in the spring of 2000. He and his wife are now living in Decorah, Iowa as Matt serves as the interim pastor at a 5-year old church plant, which wasn’t where they would have guessed God would be leading them. Matt explains, “I’ve always had a passion for helping people to find belonging, find community, and live out the life they were meant to live, but I didn’t realize that the local church would be the place for me to fulfill this desire.”

While at first Matt did not realize that the avenue to foster these things would be the local church, he does see it now. “I have come to see that the Church is God’s avenue of transformation in this world. God can and will do whatever he chooses, but for some reason he has made it clear that the Church is THE avenue for personal and societal transformation. While church may look different in different cultural and generational contexts, the foundations always stay the same—a community of people whose lives are rooted in Jesus Christ and intertwined with one another. It is only in such a context that one can even begin to find the fullness of life we long for. It is only then that we can begin to have right relationships with God and with others. While true reconciliation will not occur fully until Christ comes again, we can begin now in community, in church.”

While Matt continues serving in pastoral ministry, he hopes to one day write more books on spirituality and Christian living.


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