Life is a journey, though we often forget it. So there's nothing like a real journey for discovering and proving God. Four Souls restores the venture to faith and the epic to life. A fascinating read.

- Os Guinness, Author, Long Journey Home

"Many people aspire to an 'epic life', but few actually go in search of it. These four young men right out of college planned the adventure of a lifetime to see the world. Like most travelers they saw the sights and had some adventures. But their story of encountering the peoples of the world, of discovering the deeper truths about serving and loving, and of understanding what it would take for their lives to be changed forever is the truly thrilling part of the journey. This is the story of an encounter with Jesus, as these guys met him in one another, in believers around the world, in the lives of the poor, and now in a new and continuing way in their everyday lives. It's a message that needs to be heard by students everywhere--and a journey that needs to be lived. Read the book--and, if possible, try to hear Matt, Jedd, Mike, and Trey. The epic life may be closer than you think."

- Dr. Stephen A. Hayner
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

"I had the privelege of meeting Jedd, Matt, Mike and Trey during February 1998 when they stayed in our home on one of their trips to Southern Africa. They have been an inspiration to many other young people in many countries and so to me as well. They are modern day Timothys operating in the giftings of faith and courage which the Holy Spirit had imbued in them. Christ's truth must be both articulated and embodied if it is to truly impact lives. These young men effectively do both: the former in their writing and speech, the latter in their repeated life choices to give themselves completely to His purposes."

- The Honourable Mr. Justice Neels Claassen.
Judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa

When I was a little tyke -- growing up in Portland, Oregon in the 1960s -- I remember riding in the back seat of our old Buick Special station wagon and speaking those four words all parents hate to hear come whining up to the front: "ARE WE THERE YET?" I guess it's hard to have "joy in the journey" when you're five and living Happy Meal to Happy Meal.

But while "ARE WE THERE YET?" may be the accepted mantra of car-bound toddlerhood, if we're still droning out those four words as we move into adulthood, we'll never discover that life was meant to be much more than the safe arrival at a series of destinations -- but that as T.S. Eliot said, real life, abundant life, epic life is about "discovering the meaning behind our experiences."

In their book "Four Souls", Trey, Matt, Mike and Jedd tell the story of how their "trip around the world" led them to discover some of what they were looking for and all of what they longed for. Are you tired of "self-help" books whose first-person narratives of angst and unearthing leave your soul more bare than it was before turning the first page? Then think about giving "Four Souls" a chance. I have a feeling it just might speak to you the way it's been speaking to me: with clarity, confrontation, and compassion.

Coming across a compass while you're lost in the woods would be the find of a lifetime.

- Gregg Lamm
Campus Pastor, George Fox University

Four Souls is scheduled for release this fall. It is the desire of these young men, however, to challenge college and university students not only through their book, but also face to face. The four of them plan to suspend careers and studies and to spend the first six months of 2002 traveling across the country with their message. My hope is that your campus will be a part of this speaking tour.

I believe our students (and many others) will be provoked, challenged, and even impassioned by the vision conveyed by these young men, particularly as they see the call to radical apprenticeship to Jesus authenticated in four of their peers.

I have very high hopes for the impact of these four men will have upon their generation. Their message is relevant, well thought out, reliable, and Biblically sound. It is, perhaps, the most important message students today can hear. I urge you to invite these young authors-and their message-to your campus.

- David K. Winter
President, Westmont College

"The frenetic energy of the New Economy pulls at today's grads with almost irresistible gravity. Only a powerful sense of call and purpose can make eternal priorities more compelling than stock options or dot-com glory. Those who encounter these young men will hear just such a call..."

- Jim Birschbach
President, MediaRecruiter.com

"Four Souls on a quest for real life, captures in essence the desires of four young men who embarked on a journey each seeking a fresh encounter with Jesus of Nazareth. Travel around the globe and share in the discovery of life changing encounters with people who decided to move from words and theory to lives lived in Epic proportions. This book will challenge each of us!"

- Gary Parsons
Young Life, Russia

"Wes Seeliger once wrote that there are only two kinds of people in this life; Pioneers, who see life as a wild and exciting adventure to be lived out, and Settlers, who see life as something to be closely guarded and protected. These four men, in their Epic journey, have blazed a trail for all of us to lay aside our safe and complacent lifestyle and pursue Christ with a renewed and radical faith. It is my hope that this book will wake up the pioneer in each of us and challenge us to get out on the trail and live the epic life!"

- John D. Mullen
CEO, JM Consulting Group, Inc.

"A marvelous witness to what can happen when we think big about God's purposes for us. Read this book and allow the journey of these four young men to transform your vision of the kind of life that's worth living."

- Dr. Richard Pointer
History Professor, Westmont College


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